The Blacksands Pacific Group real estate and lifestyle businesses operate through BLV Group Corporation, LLC, a leader in luxury real estate, hospitality, and lifestyle. Established in New York in 2004, we have grown rapidly by providing a range of high quality services to a diversified global client base that includes multinational corporations, sovereign entities and high net worth individuals. Extending throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, BLV Group provides exceptional quality, style, functionality, detail and financial management, and exceeds the high aspirations of our clients.

Overview: Our History

Our History

The Essenza style brand was conceptualized in the summer of 2003 when Raheem J. Brennerman and team of stylists, interior designers and architects came together with the ambition of providing clients with an unprecedented level of quality, style, functionality and detail. Soon realizing the extensive opportunities in real estate investment, development and management, as well as consultancy, Mr. Brennerman formed the BLV Group Corporation in New York in 2004, combining several companies that together provided clients with a range of inter-related services. Within just a few months, BLV opened it 2nd office in London.

Today BLV Group Corporation and its subsidiaries offer fully bespoke services including real estate investment, development and management; interior design and design management; lifestyle; marketing and sales; hospitality; and fund management. We are also a full-time service investor, developer, owner and manager of residential, mixed use and commercial real estate. Our focus is primarily on ultra-high yield multi-family homes, luxury single-family condo and homes, new residential and hotel developments, and luxury retail.

BLV Group attracts the most talented professionals in the industry from every corner of the globe, ensuring that we remain at the cutting edge of contemporary design, professionalism and client service.