Founder's Profile

Raheem J. Brennerman

— Chairman, President & Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Raheem Jefferson BrennermanMr. Raheem J. Brennerman is the current Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of the BLV Group Corporation, LLC and also the current Chairman and CEO of The Blacksands Pacific Group, Inc.

After achieving his higher education degree in Economics and Business Administration, Mr. Brennerman worked as an Investment Banker in Mergers and Acquisition focused on both the U.S and European markets.

Mr. Brennerman has achieved success in his career that span over a decade in the areas of Finance, Investments, Real Estate and Oil and Gas. In 1999, Mr. Brennerman began his oil and gas trading business - Newman Enterprise which later merged into Blacksands Group Corp and in 2009 was restructured to become the current Blacksands Pacific.

In 2004, he founded BLV Group Corporation, LLC, where he now serves as Chairman of the Board. This New York-based firm is a leading multi-disciplined organization with focus in real estate investing, management and development, advisory, hospitality, lifestyle development, and philanthropy. The firm operates through various subsidiaries and provides a wide range of services worldwide to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, sovereign organizations, and high-net-worth individuals. The firm is also an owner, developer, and manager of substantial real estate assets. Since its inception, the company has invested into or developed many residential and commercial properties around the globe, such as condo hotels, luxury condominiums, retreats, boutique hotels, and spas.

Mr. Brennerman co-founded The Blacksands Pacific Group, where he functions as the Chairman of the Board, President, and Chief Executive Officer. Based out of Los Angeles, the company operates in the United States, Canada, and the African region, where it explores, produces, and distributes natural gas and crude oil. The company also specializes in the marketing and trading of crude oil and various petroleum products.

Prior to establishing Blacksands Pacific and BLV Group, Mr Brennerman previously worked for the family energy trading and services business which was started by his paternal grandfather in Louisiana and was ran by his father and brother. Mr. Brennerman also managed the family owned real estate businesses and investments both in the United States and Europe which was established by his maternal grandparents. Mr Brennerman`s step-father introduced him to oil and gas trading business in the African region (especially West Africa) given the step-father`s experience and heritage from the region.