Corporate Structure

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BLV Group Corporation, LLC

BLV GROUP CORPORATION, LLC is a Delaware, United States Corporation. Established in 2008, the Corporation operates through its subsidiaries.

BLV REALTY GROUP, INC is a Delaware, United States Corporation and a 100% subsidiary of BLV Group Corporation, LLC. Established in 2007, it is the parent company for the operating subsidiaries BLV Realty Organization, Inc., BLV Realty Organization (Europe) Limited, BLV Realty Organization (Asia Pacific) Limited, BLV Realty Development, Inc. and BLV Group Advisors Limited. Other sub- subsidiaries include BLV Realty Staffing, Inc., BLV Realty Personnel Compensation Limited, BLV Group Trademark Holdings Limited.

BLV Realty Organization, Inc., BLV Realty Organization (Europe) Limited, and BLV Realty Organization (Asia Pacific) Limited core services include Asset Management, Sales and Marketing services and specialized services include Development Management, Project Management, Interior Design, and Design Management which are offered either as principal or through the subsidiaries.

BLV Realty Development, Inc. is a 100% subsidiary of BLV Realty Organization, Inc. with core services including Development Management and Project Management Services and BLV Realty Staffing, Inc. and BLV Realty Employee Compensation Limited employ the management, technical and professional staff within the Group.

BLV Group Trademark Limited holds the registered trademark brand ESSENZA STYLE

BLV Capital Advisors, LLC


BLV Capital Advisors and BLV Group Advisors, core services includes Fund Management, advisory and representative services among other alternative platform services both to affiliate members and external clients.

Nuevitas International Holding, LLC

NUEVITAS INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS, LLC, is a Delaware, United States limited liability Corporation and one of the investment subsidiaries of BLV GROUP CORPORATION, LLC.

Nuevitas International Holdings, LLC is the investment holding subsidiary of the BLV GROUP CORPORATION, LLC with a forty five per cent (45%) ownership interest. Nuevitas International Holdings, LLC owns several asset holding subsidiaries, which, in turn, hold specific real estate interests or assets.

BLV Wish Foundation

BLV WISH FOUNDATION (Non Profit) fulfills the charitable desires and aspirations of the BLV Group of Companies by contributing to and improving the lives of the less fortunate where possible.